A FAMILY-run business which is redeveloping a hotel is offering work for youngsters who would otherwise be on universal credit.

Lyons Holiday Park Limited (Lyons Group) have been backed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to implement a Kickstart Scheme for young job-hunters in the area.

The scheme provides funding to create new placements for 16-to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

In December 2019, the Journal reported that the Lyons Group had snapped up Dyserth Falls Resort for an undisclosed sum. It was on the market with Lambert Smith Hampton for £2million.

A total of 30 staff will be taken on as part of the scheme.

Lorraine Smith, Kickstart team lead and HR manager for Lyons, said: “Both the redevelopment of Dyserth Falls as a park, and the introduction of 30 new employees to our already strong workforce, is a sign of prosperity and economic success for the region and many families.

Dyserth Falls in 2019. Picture: Kerry Roberts

Dyserth Falls in 2019. Picture: Kerry Roberts

“As a company that is constantly expanding, we will then look to take a number of employees on in full-time roles, utilising the skills into which we have invested and providing security to those hard-working individuals. We cannot emphasise enough our commitment to investing in people and their future careers: and this is what our inclusion in the Kickstart scheme represents.

“The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 had a damaging impact on tourism and industry hospitalities across North Wales - a statement which does not require statistics to factualise. The Lyons group sits alongside fellow tourism companies in the region who have missed out on almost a whole year of trade. But we are determined to move forward and are relentlessly striving to bring North Wales back to its booming glory.”

The six-month paid roles will give young people an opportunity to gain experience of working for Lyons Holiday Parks, who run 13 parks across North Wales and Cumbria.

This week, six new employees took up trade work in plumbing, construction, and electricals.

The multi-million pound development at Dyserth Falls includes creating 18 new hotel rooms and 79 wooden lodges.

Joseph Lyons Mound, company director, said: “Under the guise of amusement arcades and ice cream, it is easy to forget that Lyons is a pillar of the North Wales economy. Employing over 400 seasonal and permanent staff, we are widely recognised as the company with one of the largest employee workforces in North Wales.

“Even with the challenging circumstances associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, we celebrated our retention of 160 permanent staff throughout last year’s lockdown. This is because we see past the positions and statistics: we see the people.”

Geoff Mound, who is also a director, said: “This is the ideal destination to work on, it’s got everything, and it’s about time we put it back on the map. We’re very eager to give youngsters an opportunity to improve on their skills and help them strive for something better.”

As well as undergoing on the job training, recruits will receive support throughout their placement with CV writing, interview preparation, and will receive their health and safety certificates as well as other vocational qualifications.

The Lyons Group own sites in Towyn, Kinmel Bay, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Gronant, St Asaph, Ruthin, Gwespyr Dwygyfylchi and Cumbria.

The redeveloped Dyserth Falls is still set to open this year. 

The family told the Journal in 2019 they they were keen not to rush the project.

"We want to get it right," they said.