A NURSERY which has closed its doors for two weeks as a precaution has been overwhelmed by support.

Sam Maitland-Price, owner of Little Lambs Day Nursery in Kinmel Bay, decided to close following a couple of Covid cases. The nursery has been working with Conwy Track and Trace team.

The childcare setting, which is having an upstairs extension, will close until Monday, March 22. This is so any covid cases can be contained and to ensure the safety of families and staff.

Sam said: "I'm absolutely devastated to close but I know it was the right decision to protect everyone and I'm so glad I made it when I did.

"It is hard to know what to do and as we have stayed open during this whole pandemic, it was a big thing for us to do but its giving us a well deserved rest and time to recharge our batteries and offer opportunity for everyone to isolate to ensure its not hiding.

The extension will allow the nursery to offer more childcare spaces

The extension will allow the nursery to offer more childcare spaces

"The comments we have had from parents and even other settings within Denbighshire and Conwy, from Conwy County Council and even Denbighshire County Council Family information service have been utterly overwhelming. It has really helped support me and to know who is there cheering us on."

The nursery has stayed open during the entire pandemic.

Sam added: "This is the first time this has happened which is a triumph in itself.

"The closure was a precautionary measure only that I decided to do Monday [March 8] afternoon after another case was established through no symptoms. As we now know this virus can be non-symptomatic, I thought it was in the best interests of my team and the children and families that attend to close for two-week isolation period to ensure if anyone was carrying the virus they have time to isolate and reopen on Monday, March 22.

"This was an extremely painful decision as we have been a childcare hub for the community since the pandemic started, but parents and families have been utterly amazing.

"This is the most difficult time for the childcare sector. We have seen so many of our settings close throughout Wales and sustainability is difficult during the pandemic.

"This virus is going to be with us a long time we have to learn to live with it while still protecting our children’s emotional well-being of all that comes with lockdowns and isolation.

"During this whole pandemic, people have been torn between whether schools and settings are safe for children," Sam added.

"They are safe for children, they are the only way children will get through this crisis and have their emotional well being supported, we can't help these closures and they aren’t something we want to do or enjoy doing.

"Parents fully support how we operate and that we offer the children that stability in their life.

"You cannot physically social distance from young children its impossible to meet their needs from a distance.

"We are putting ourselves at risk daily and yet we have had no true recognition from the government so people reaching out has been overwhelming, it truly has."