THE MS for Clwyd West is calling on the Welsh Government to relax restrictions on angling.

Darren Millar has received numerous emails from keen anglers who can’t understand why they are not allowed to drive locally to go fishing under the current restrictions.

He said: “It seems ludicrous that people can meet up with four people outdoors, but anglers are not able to drive to the nearest suitable location to go fishing.

“Anglers in other parts of the UK are still allowed to fish, must do so alone, or with members of their household, and must not travel outside their local area. I can see no reason why the same rules cannot be applied here in Wales.

“I have received a number of emails from anglers who are desperate for this ban to be lifted. Fishing is a hugely popular pastime for tens of thousands of people in Wales and it's great for their mental health and wellbeing. I therefore call on the Welsh Government to use some common sense and revise these guidelines so that this pastime can be enjoyed in Wales to help people get through these troubling times.”