AN MP HAS teamed up with National Energy Action (NEA) and Smart Energy GB to help people in the constituency save money on their heating bills.

The cost of heating a home is a worry for some, particularly at present with more people spending time at home during the pandemic.

To help families in the Vale of Clwyd better manage their home energy use and save money on bills, Dr James Davies, MP for Vale of Clwyd, has got together with NEA and Smart Energy GB to collate a list of simple things everyone can do to make a positive difference to their heating costs.

Saving tips offered include:

  • Saving about £30 a year just by remembering to turn appliances off standby mode.
  • Only boiling water needed in the kettle. This can save £6 a year.
  • Don’t leave a mobile phone on charge all night – most only need a couple of hours.
  • Use a bowl to wash up instead of running the tap could save £25 a year.
  • Spending one minute less in the shower every day as part of a grooming routine will save up to £7 per person off household energy bill each year.
  • Cover pots and pans – the water will boil faster and use less energy.
  • Switch off lights when not in use. This could save a household £14 a year.
  • Use a microwave to heat a small amount of food, rather than a gas or electric hob.

Dr Davies said: “It’s a positive sign that so many people in the Vale of Clwyd are helping Britain to upgrade its outdated energy system by getting a smart meter installed and managing their energy use at home more efficiently in the process.

“With colder weather upon us, it’s more important than ever that there is help and advice available on keeping our homes warm for those that need it."

Robert Cheesewright, director of Communications at Smart Energy GB, said: “During these difficult times, we know that people may be worried about their energy bills, but it’s also important that you use the energy you need to keep warm, safe and healthy at home.

“It’s why we’ve worked together with National Energy Action to provide these tips to help manage energy consumption during a time when increased consumption is inevitable and we know people may be struggling.”

To request a smart meter, contact your energy supplier.

Anyone struggling to pay their bills should get in touch with their energy supplier to find out what support can be offered.

Alternatively, visit Citizen’s Advice at or telephone 0808 223 1133.