TWO motorists were reported after driving 200 miles to visit friends in Wales

The drivers, who were from Scotland, were stopped by police at Valley, near Holyhead. They were found to be driving without insurance and breaching Covid travel restrictions.

North Wales Police received about 100 reports and queries on Saturday, January 16, in connection to Covid-19 regulations and breaches.

The force said people continue to make unnecessary journeys, in particular to beauty spots in Wales.

Nigel Harrison, temporary assistant chief constable, said: “It is not acceptable to pick and choose the law you follow and the laws you don’t.

“This is not a dress rehearsal and people will live and die on the actions we all choose.

“The restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are there to protect us all.

“It is vital that everyone takes personal responsibility by staying home unless they have a valid reason not to be there.

“Now is not the time to head up into the mountains or to enjoy scenic drives in the countryside.”

Anyone who needs to report a possible breach should contact police via their website.

Other people caught by North Wales Police, for breaching restrictions, included a car from Portsmouth; the driver was travelling to pick up a front bumper on Saturday.

In Swansea, eight people were fined after a party was held in a shed.