WE all need a momentary distraction of everything going on in the world and what better way than to look at these magical pictures of pets in the snow.

Readers were asked to share their of pets in the wintry weather.

Nearly 100 photographs were received from across Conwy and Denbighshire of pooches playing in the snow, enjoying extra cuddles and enjoying frosty walks. 

Steve Belgrau, shared a wonderful photograph of dogs enjoying crisp white snow at The Pet Joint on the Denbighshire Conwy border.

Carla Taylor shared a snap of her rabbit Hoppy, who has the run of the garage, Katie Mellor shared a picture of her cute dog snuggled up in a blanket whilst Alison Wyn Tardivel shared a photograph of dog Smudge enjoying a forest walk.

The RSPCA Cymru is urging people to ensure their animals are kept cosy when temperatures plummet.

Sam Gaines, RSPCA’s pet welfare specialist, said: “Though we’ve already had some frosty spells during the last few weeks, temperatures are plummeting and we’re all being warned now of ice and even snow.

"It’s really important we help our animal friends get through the chilly weather, and we’ve got lots of helpful advice and tips available for people to make sure their own pets, and local wildlife, are kept safe.”

If temperatures reach freezing, owners may wish to consider moving their rabbit hutch inside or into an outhouse, shed or unused garage.

The animal welfare charity says cats should have constant access to a house or to a warm, inside area such as an outbuilding or barn.

If you have an elderly or sickly dog, a special coat can be purchased or a jumper to keep them warm when out on walks. Make sure the dog can still behave normally, for example - go to the toilet.

Horses and ponies kept outside need have access to shelter, constant fresh water and some may need a waterproof rug to protect them from cold and wet weather. Provide extra feed and good quality long fibre, as grass is often sparse.

Protect pet birds kept outside from cold weather by providing plenty of additional dry, warm bedding such as straw and cover enclosures to keep the wind and rain out.

Those who have a fish pond, remember to check it every day to make sure the surface is not entirely frozen as poisonous gases can build up under the ice.

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