An ancient Welsh tradition celebrating the New Year is being celebrated.

This year Welsh language promoters Hunaniaith and Mentrau Iaith Cymru are raising awareness of the Welsh tradition of Y Mari Lwyd.

They have created an entertaining video, and a fun activity pack for children.

Y Fari Lwyd is the skull of a horse which has been decorated with colourful ribbons and a white sheet.

Often attached to a pole the Y Fari Llwyd would be paraded around Welsh villages and towns to persuade the earth to wake from the deep sleep of winter, visiting pubs and homes.

It was traditional for YF ari Llwyd and the visiting party to be invited in by householders to enjoy refreshments.

An important feature of the 19th century tradition was known as Pwnco - singing verses on a doorstep to gain access to a house or pub.

With this not possible this year, Stomp Y Fari Lwyd will be an opportunity for the public to participate in the Pwnco online.

If you would like to compete, all you have to do is write up to four verses to the tune of 'Wel dyma ni’n dwad' and send a video of yourself performing them to by January the 5

Nine lucky entrants will be chosen to compete in the Stomp y Fari Lwyd led by stompmasters Anni Llŷn and Tudur Phillips.

This will be held online to celebrate Hen Galan, the old Welsh new year, on January 12, 2021

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