A FATHER of three took on an intense HILL climbing challenge and raised an incredible £1,000 for the The Royal British Legion.

Tom Boome, 32, who is married to Elisa and has children Ellerie aged four, Eva aged two and Enzo, 10 weeks old, took on the 'Everesting Challenge'.

He tasked himself to go up and down Hillside, Prestatyn, 76 times to reach the height of Everest.

Tom said: “I’m over the moon at the amount that has been donated. I know every penny counts and will make a difference, especially in the current climate. I never expected to raise so much.

“I have seen Everesting Challenge completed by people in America and thought it would be good way to challenge myself.

"I’m a big believer that in we grow more as a person by going outside our comfort zones."

Rhyl Journal:

Tom Boom did the challenge over six days

It took Tom 24 hours and 47 minutes to complete his challenge - four hours or so each day for six days straight.

He said: “I was excited and eager to get going on Monday and because I was feeling fresh I decided to do 20 ‘reps’ up and down. This was exhausting and made Tuesday and Wednesday the hardest days. I was physically drained and mentally the excitement of the beginning had faded and the ending seemed so far away. I had to dig deep and just keep walking.

“After those days, the days got easier and I started getting quicker.

“On the Saturday, some friends surprised me by turning up to complete some reps with me which really spurred me on to the finish line.

“One of the hardest things was the repetitive nature.

"I had to accept the fact I was going to be there for four hours and just keep moving. One step at a time."

Tom has been volunteering for the Royal British Legion for about 10 years.

Rhyl Journal:

Tom is a British Legion volunteer

He said: “I volunteered for five years in West Yorkshire where we used to live and for around five years here. I became involved as it was being organised through the church I attend. After the first year in Yorkshire, I started to organise the volunteers from church so when we moved, I volunteered to help organise the volunteers from our congregation in Rhyl.

“We all know that many businesses and charities have suffered lately.

“I spoke with Richard Kendrick from the British Legion who I would usually work with to organise the volunteers for the poppy stand who said they would be £20,000 to £25,000 down this year in Rhyl alone so I was glad to be able to help in some small way.”

Tom works as an architectural technician for Denbighshire County Council and owns a company called HOVA Media.

“I don’t have any particular links to the RBL or the military, I have just had profound respect and admiration for service men and women since I was young,” he added.

“As we all are, I am grateful for their service and sacrifice.

“Often we think we aren’t good enough or that we aren’t capable of great things. I’m just an ordinary person who was determined to achieve a goal.

“Anyone can do it. Everyone’s limit is different. But pushing our limits and breaking boundaries is key to progression.”