A CAT owner was astonished after discovering his rescue cat using the toilet in the bathroom.

Garry Oakes, 50, had only had Dylan the cat for two months when he walked into the family bathroom and found the moggy perched on the loo doing a number two.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing so he rushed to find wife Angela, 48, before filming the bizarre sight.

Their daughter Maya, 12, had told them about her pet's strange skills the week before - but her parents didn't believe her.

Rhyl Journal:

Dylan caught in the act!

The clip shows the black cat nonchalantly using the human toilet, positioning its legs across the loo seat.

The family from Rhyd-y-foel, near Abergele, said the moggy grew out of the odd habit, which they caught on camera on February 16, 2019.

Rhyl Journal:
Maya with Dylan 

Garry, a photographer who works in North Wales and Cheshire, said: "It was such a bizarre and unique sight, we couldn't really believe what we were seeing.

"He is definitely a unique cat - but we all adore him."

Dylan, who belongs to Maya, joined the family in December 2018.

Garry said the pet has ditched the bizarre toilet habit, but he's still "got a personality of his own" - and he even bosses around their huge German Shepherd.