WHEN professional dancer AJ Pritchard waltzes into the celebrity castle he will be prepared to 'tango' with anything that comes his way.

The former Strictly Come Dancing pro - who had a positive coronavirus test early on in his isolation before two negative tests - said he wants to do as many trials as possible in the castle.

His said the opportunity to appear I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Is a 'dream come true'.

AJ told the Journal, during an interview with the Journal and other press: "My family and especially my brother and my girlfriend will definitely be voting for me to do every single trial.

"They said I pull weird faces, so that will be very intriguing, but I just really want to take it in and do as much as possible whether that is doing all the trials or doing whatever Kiosk Keith is going to be called in Wales.

"For me I am probably a bit scared, I feel now that I am older - I am only 26 when I say that - but I'm more scared of heights now and definitely confined spaces like face your fears when your head is in the bowl.

"I will get through. I have that competitive mentality where I have to succeed, I have to win. Especially when people are starving back in camp so you need to get the stars for people."

AJ said he is excited about being the first or possibly, the only celeb to have this experience at Gwrych Castle in Abergele.

"I'm really excited because obviously it is the 20th series," he added.

I have watched every single series from series one to 19 and I love knowing everything about the jungle - i.e where the toilet is, what has happened. We know the show so well like the back of our hands, which is great, but for me it is even better to go into a experience in the castle where I know absolutely nothing.

"I will be walking in there like a kid walking into a chocolate factory. I will be looking around, what's happening? Where is everything? Oh my god this is a fire. I'm so excited to actually know nothing."

Asked by the Journal if he had done any research into 'haunted' Gwrych Castle, AJ replied: "I am that psycho that likes to know everything, so I have done a lot of research and a 200-year-old castle does look amazing.

"But yes it is suppose to be haunted. Even the cottage I am staying in, the wind is so powerful - like it is 30mph winds today [Wednesday, November 11], and it sounds like there is ghosts inside here so god knows what it going to sound like in a castle."

AJ told the Journal he had 'removed caffeine, coffees and sugar out of his diet' ahead of the show.

The choreographer, who was on Strictly for four years, said he would have loved to have done I'm A Celeb with his brother [Curtis Pritchard].

He added: "I am doing it on my own which is fine but the good thing is that Curtis will be supporting me in this show as much as I supported him when he was on Love Island."