THE beloved yogurts of a dairy farm on the Denbighshire-Conwy border have been redesigned to include less sugar and more environmentally-friendly pots.

Llaeth y Llan’s latest update to its products comes amid a new deal with Morrisons to supply 54 of its stores in south-west England, which has doubled its contract with the supermarket giant.

The Llannefydd company’s products, which come in 14 flavours and various sizes, are already stocked at 40 of the supermarket’s stores in Wales as well as other major retailers including Tesco, Asda and the Co-op.

The family-run firm hopes its redesign will modernise its brand as well as improving its climate footprint and boost further sales.

“We have been listening closely to our customers and have been planning this for some time to reflect their desire for more easily recyclable pots and more product information,” said director Gruff Roberts said.

“Packaging changes take a lot of time to plan. Our previous major restyle was over eight years ago and in that time the market has changed, including what customers want to see from a yogurt brand - so we thought it was time to inject freshness.”

The changes will see the firm’s large 450g pots made from a thinner, more easily reusable plastic, wrapped in card with a new recyclable lid. The popular small 125g pots will also feature the new branding, which is expected to save the amount of plastic the company uses by 6,500kg a year.

“This is a big step in our goals to reduce plastic within the company to become as recyclable as we can possibly be,” added Mr Roberts.

“What won’t change though is that our yogurt remains free from genetically-modified ingredients and all our milk comes from Red Tractor-assured farms within 20 kilometres of the dairy so supply chains are kept short.”

Llaeth y Llan was founded by Gareth and Falmai Roberts about 35 years ago before being passed onto their children Owain, Gruff and Llior, and it now employs over 50 local staff, making around 100 tons of yogurt a week.

“We wanted the new packaging to be fun, energetic and colourful to stand out on the supermarket shelf,” said marketing specialist Llior.

“At the same time, we also wanted to bring the character and identity of the brand to the packaging and on the larger pots there is also a map that gives a sense of place and shows that we’re part of the North Wales community.”