A PHARMACIST who made crosswords and puzzles to teach children about germs and viruses during the coronavirus lockdown has been shortlisted for a national award.

Antimicrobial pharmacist Kailey Ben-Sassi set up e-Bug to provide online educational resources for primary school teachers across Denbighshire and Conwy, which covered topics such as the cold and flu, antibiotics and the harm that can be caused by bacteria.

The interactive platform has been used to teach nearly 400 pupils on conditions and it has now been shortlisted for the Antibiotic Guardian 2020 Shared Learning & Awards, which celebrates achievements in tackling antimicrobial resistance at local and national level.

Mrs Ben-Sassi, who works for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, said: “I am very pleased that our BCUHB e-Bug project has been shortlisted for the prestigious antibiotic guardian awards.

“For many years our antimicrobial stewardship efforts have focused on health care professional and prescribers. This project shifted the focus to children who not only are our future users of antibiotics but also potential prescribers themselves.

“We know that children like to talk and the hope is that by embedding the important message around antibiotic use and infection prevention in a fun and engaging way, they will then relay the message to family and friends creating a ripple effect.”