AT THE end of a very different and challenging half term, Rhyl High School has shown that it’s kindness that can make the difference.

As part of a celebration of their first half term back in school, pupils have decided to lend Rhyl Foodbank a helping hand - and the support received has been beyond anything they could have predicted.

Headteacher Claire Armitstead said: “Pupils, staff and parents of Rhyl High School have done something amazing. They have taken the time in the most challenging of times, to think of others and support our local food bank in the most spectacular way by filling two full minibuses full of donations.

“Our children and staff are always amazing but the amount we have raised today is just mind blowing, the support they have shown to the community is outstanding.

“In a time where there is so much challenge the actions and kindness of our school today readdressed the balance and created an atmosphere in our school that was the old normal not the new one - and that was joyous. I can’t tell you how very proud I am of them.”