SUPPORT for an 66,000 strong on line petition calling on the Welsh Government to allow supermarkets to sell non essential items has been joined by Vale of Clwyd MP, James Davies.

The preamble to the petition states: “The Welsh Government, as part of its 17 day "firebreak" lockdown, is banning selling of non-essential goods from shops that are allowed to remain open. We do not agree this is a prudent or rational measure and will create more harm than good. We do not agree parents should be barred from buying clothes for their children during lockdown. This is disproportionate and cruel and we ask the decision be reversed immediately.”

James Davies said: “This ban is ludicrous. It is causing much inconvenience. Constituents have been contacting me outraged they are unable to purchase basic everyday items such as books, stationery, batteries and clothing. Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean these items are not required. Many people will be working from home, including children, so access to office equipment and stationery is, contrary to what the First Minister believes, essential. The same is true for clothing, particularly for younger children who have a tendency to rip and damage items.

“People are suffering enough without these basic items, such as books, being taken from them. It also isn't right local jobs are put at risk, to the benefit of online stores only.