FIREFIGHTERS are reminding parents to protect their children from the fire hazards of fancy dress costumes.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service urged parents to check garments have the CE safety standard mark, that children keep away from naked flames, particularly if they are wearing plastic capes and bin liners, and to consider using battery operated lights instead of candles inside pumpkin lanterns.

“We want people to enjoy celebrating Halloween, but we also want to make sure that they are aware of the potential dangers that can be faced," said Paul Scott, senior fire safety manager.

“The popularity of Halloween fancy dress costumes for children has grown enormously in recent years and we issue this advice to warn people so that they can enjoy themselves while staying safe.”

If a costume you are wearing catches fire, you should 'stop, drop and roll' to stop the flames spreading.

If you are with someone whose clothes have caught fire, get them to 'stop, drop and roll, then smother the flame with heavy material like a coat or blanket.

In an emergency, cool a burn with large amounts of water and call 999.