A 79-YEAR-old mum had a surprise brought forward ahead of her birthday and before Wales went into a tougher lockdown period.

Jacqueline Hickson, of St Asaph, who spent a night on a chair and then on a trolley at Glan Clwyd Hospital after being told there was a 62 hour-wait for a bed back in 2018, was presented with the singer outside her home on Thursday, October 22.

Janine Ferguson, Jacqueline’s daughter, organised and live-streamed the surprise on Facebook.

The singer sang Vincent by Don McLean, The White Cliffs of Dover and then Happy Birthday.

Janine said: “It was beautiful. We were in tears.

"Mum's birthday is October 26 but we had to bring it forward to the day before lockdown day.

“Mum and I have talked endlessly over Covid-19 and the struggles it has brought for everybody, but most of all the vulnerable, people with cancer, and kids missing their education. Mum feels blessed to have a have a loving family but cannot understand at all why not everyone listens to the rules of lock down, and the misery and upset and also the deaths it causes. Some people think they are invincible and give no thought to the vulnerable, sick or elderly people who live on their own or in care homes.

“The reason for the singer was to make a point as now there is only me allowed to go there.

“Mum has three children including me, endless grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the sad thing is no one can give her a hug or go into her home.

“Mum has a granddaughter in the Lake District and family in Wallasey, it is a massive family, and we could not do anything at all, so the only idea we could think off was a singer.”

Janine chose a singer as she feels strongly about supporting people struggling to get work during this time.

“I remember sitting with mum and news was on showing people moaning about hair cuts etc, and mum said for God’s sake - really, what is wrong with these people?” Janine added.

“People are dying, there is people with cancer who have had their treatment put on hold, families in flats with young kids, the list is endless.

“The songs were the White Cliffs of Dover and Vincent, not only because mum loves those songs, but also the words on Vincent seems very fitting. It is about listening.

"It is very fitting for situation we are all in with Covid-19.

"It's about standing united.

"The NHS is at breaking point, and if no one stands up for these people, nothing will ever get done.

"When you see the upset, the tears...perhaps then the message goes home."