A SHORT comedy film produced by a Rhyl filmmaker is due to be screened at the British Film Institute.

Ashleigh Powell, who filmed and produced the title Shuttlecock, will be played at the world-renowned film industry event where it will be voted on in the Best Short Film category.

The 13-minute film focuses on protagonist Carl, king of the badminton court in a local charity tournament, as it explores the themes of explores homoerotic vibes and toxic masculinity. Carl is forced to confront his idea of masculinity after an obsession with a mysterious new member of his badminton club spirals out of control

"When living in North Wales, London and the film-industry can feel a million miles away,” said Ms Powell.

“Watching and voting for Shuttlecock is a great way to support local talent and regional arts - which is important now more than ever."

The BFI usually selects around 150 shorts to be screened, however due to the coronavirus pandemic and a slowdown in filmmaking the list has been shortened to just 47, marking a huge achievement for Ms Powell.

The BFI has also gone partially online this year, where audiences can view Shuttlecock and vote on their favourite film until Sunday, October 18.