A FIRST time mum who was told her baby wouldn’t survive after being diagnosed with a rare condition during her pregnancy has given birth to her ‘little miracle’ - 16 weeks after her waters broke.

Nadia Wainwright, of St Asaph, suffered from a complication known as Preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM) during her pregnancy. As a result, her waters broke at 20 weeks.

The 23-year-old, who has partner Ryan Keatley, 24, recalls sitting on her sofa early in her pregnancy when she felt ‘a gush of water’. She put it down to pressure on her bladder.

The next day, Nadia and Ryan - a former Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan in Abergele pupil - went for a 20 week scan at Glan Clwyd Hospital but excitement changed to worry.

“The sonographer said he needed to get his colleague,” Nadia said.

“They confirmed that there was no fluid around the baby and therefore, they could not take any accurate measurements. There was also no gender reveal because of such poor vision, due to no fluid. We were mortified.”

The couple were referred to a Fetal Medicine unit in Wrexham to have a detailed scan.

Nadia added: “At the scan we were given the bad news that our baby was small for dates had a small femur and small skull.

“The doctors were concerned about baby’s underdeveloped lungs, possibly long term Neurodisability and could have limb abnormalities due to no fluid.

“My partner and I were totally devastated,” Nadia, a former St Brigid’s School in Denbigh pupil, added.

“ I don’t think we have ever cried so much.”

Rhyl Journal:

Mia with Nadia who never gave up on her baby

Wrexham Maelor Hospital diagnosed Nadia with PPROM.

“I had PPROM at 20 weeks- a breakage of the amniotic fluid sac before pregnancy,” Nadia explained.

“I also had heavy bleeding in early pregnancy and I have bicornuate uterus.

“We were given devastating news that I would most likely to deliver in the next 24 to 48 hours and told to prepare for losing our baby.”

Due to the risk of sepsis and the baby not growing at the normal rate, Nadia said she and Ryan were offered a termination. Something they refused.

“I said as long as there is a heartbeat I’m fighting for my little girl,” Nadia said.

“I knew if I could get get to 24 weeks, I would stand a better chance and would receive steroid injections to help speed up the baby’s lungs development.

“Baby’s chance of survival was zero per cent due to her lungs not developing properly without the fluid.“The hardest part was feeling my baby kicking and moving."

Nadia was sent home on oral antibiotics to prevent infections and waited for nature to take its course.

She sought support from a non-profit organisation support group on Facebook called Little Heartbeats - PPROM Support and Awareness.

“It is a wonderful support and is run by the most amazing woman, who has experienced PPROM.

They had so much advice and many stories.

“I received a free support pack in the post with valuable packs of information of PPROM and a teddy bear that we could record our baby’s heartbeat and put it inside the teddy for a keepsake in case we lost her too soon.

“This helped me prepare for the fight ahead.”

Nadia put herself on bed rest and drank ‘tons’ of water in the hope the amniotic sac would reseal itself.

“I only got up for showers, to go to the toilet and attend my hospital appointments,” she said.

“My leaking became much heavier the more I moved.”

I couldn’t walk without the feeling like I was peeing all over myself and I got really upset every time when I leak.

“I felt like I was failing my baby and I felt torn and broken.

“I had some very dark days and I planned a baby funeral in my head. I really mourned the loss of a ‘normal pregnancy’.

“Ryan was so supportive and looked after me. He’s my rock.”

When the couple made it to 24 weeks, Nadia had gained a little fluid, up to 2-3cm, as the baby was producing fluids at 24 weeks.

She lost her mucus plug a couple of times and never went into labour.

Nadia received steroid injections and had weekly Doppler scans / growth ultrasound scans.

When coronavirus came along, Nadia was dealt another blow when she was told Ryan could not attend scans with her.

Rhyl Journal:

Mia survived against all the odds

“Not having my partner on my side made me feel distraught,” Nadia said.

I had a detailed scan at 28 weeks - eight weeks since my waters broke and lots of hospital appointments later my membranes seemed to have resealed but I was still leaking a little fluid.

“We also found out the gender of our baby and that she was growing at normal rate.

“The consultant was amazed how much things had improved but still wasn’t sure how strong her lungs would be when she was born.

“My fluid had increased to 6.9cm and the goal was to try and keep my little girl in until 34 weeks.”

After ‘resealing’, Nadia contracted E. coli, strep A and was diagnosed with early-onset sepsis at 32 weeks.

Rhyl Journal:

Mia stayed in hospital for a week due to jaundice and was under Phototherapy

Nadia said: “The doctors were weighing the pros and cons on whether to deliver at 34 weeks or 35/36 weeks. The baby’s movements and monitoring were good but scans showed I had Polyhydramnios - too much amniotic fluid. The doctors were baffled.”

After catching an infection, Nadia delivered by emergency C-section at 36 weeks and four days - 16 weeks since her waters broke.

Little miracle Mia was born on June 5 at 3.39pm weighing 5lbs 12oz.

Ryan was able to attend but had to leave after the birth.

“She defied all odds,” Nadia exclaimed.

“After being given a very poor chance of survival or a high risk of major complications. She came out crying.

"She only stayed in hospital for a week due to jaundice and was under Phototherapy.

"Words can’t even describe how much she has amazed me and how proud I am. If I took the advice from doctors when my waters broke at 20 weeks and had a termination she wouldn’t be here.

“Where there is a heartbeat there is really is hope.

“It was a very traumatic pregnancy but it was all worth it.

“Our daughter make everyday so fun and full. Mia is a little miracle and a fighter.”

Nadia is raising money for Little Heartbeats- PPROM

“I just thank Little Heartbeats with all my heart for their support and guidance," Nadia said.

"I couldn’t have got through it without them."

Donate at gf.me/u/yqghhb