A RESIDENTIAL HOME in Rhyl held its first-ever festival recently - to help put smiles onto the faces of its residents.

Like many other establishments across the world, Bron Haul has felt the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

With that in mind, in order to keep spirits high, staff and residents came together at a socially-distance festival - the first of its kind ever to be held at the site.

There was plenty of singing, dancing and partying to be had on the day as celebrations hit full swing.

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Staff member Debbie Williams said: “After going through a challenging period a fun day was had by all and was a success and it will now become an annual event.

“Our service users had worked hard on the planning of this day, and was nice to see them smiling singing and dancing, enjoying being outside with BBQ and cocktails.The sun came out as well!”

For more information, go to Bron Haul Residential Home on Facebook.