A REMINDER to stay safe has been issued after children were seen jumping off the sea wall by Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay.

Matthew Forbes, Conwy’s harbour master, is reminding people to be sea safe and avoid the dangers.

He said: “We also have to warn people not to swim in the harbour at Conwy.

"The currents here run up to six miles an hour and there are obstructions under the water, such as ropes and chains, that can snag your feet.

"Boats are moving through the harbour all the time and they may not spot you in the water.”

The public are urged to check an area for warning signs before diving in our walking out too far.

“Sand banks at places like Llandudno West Shore and Llanfairfechan get rapidly submerged by the incoming tide," Mr Forbes added.

"What seems like a pleasant stroll on the beach can quickly turn into a rescue situation.”

Swimmers and paddlers are also advised to be aware of other people enjoying the water, particularly on jet skis and boats.

Jet skis in Conwy county are limited to launching from Beacons slipway at Conwy and Porth Eirias slipway at Colwyn Bay.

Swimmers should always use the area of Porth Eirias beach where jet skis are prohibited.

Mr Forbes said: "We want everyone to enjoy the seaside safely and be respectful of each other.

"We’re reminding parents to keep an eye on their kids and know where they are at all times - please keep your children safe.”