NORTH WALES was hit by thunderstorms last week and some keen photographers were lightning quick to capture some great pictures.

Some parts of North Wales were affected more than others, Capel Curig for example, which saw giant hailstones hit the ground with such force that they set off car alarms in the area.

But, that didn't stop people taking some great pictures of the adverse weather. Some kindly decided to share their pictures with us on our Rhyl Journal Camera Club on Facebook.

Jason Hurst caught the intense picture above of the Rhyl Tower in the middle of the lightning bolts hitting the earth. 

Rhyl Journal:

Lisa Jones, who posted the above picture on the group, says her husband and her son were on hand to watch the 'light show' and caught the above picture on camera.

Got more pictures of your own you'd like to share? or perhaps know of someone else who would like to? Then, head on over to the Rhyl Journal Camera Club on Facebook and join our 100+ members already there sharing their pictures with us.