A WELSH company that designs and manufactures prosthetic leg covers is expanding rapidly with an increasing number of international customers.

LIMB-art, which was established by former Paralympian Mark Williams, is now looking to target customers in America.

The company already has customers in Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Israel and the Canary Islands.

Mark, who is from Rhyl, was only 10 when he lost his leg; he was cycling home from school and involved in a road traffic accident in Pen y Maes, Rhyl.

He lost his leg as a result of the accident.

Mark, who is from Rhyl, said: “In combination with Business Wales, we commissioned an in-depth market analysis of the American market with renowned international development group IBDG.

“The analysis found that there are over three-million amputees in America who could benefit from a prosthetic leg cover.

“We’re excited to be poised and ready to emerge from the pandemic with a strong Welsh export offer.”

The company is on a mission to give prosthetic legs a better shape - traditionally offered on the NHS and which resemble ‘poles’ - as well as allowing the wearer to express their personality.

LIMB-art’s covers are customisable, lightweight and easy to fit. They suitable for all users of above and below knee prostheses.

The covers give wearers a full leg shape and restore balance to their silhouette. They also boost confidence and allow wearers to show their personality with a range of colours and designs.

One of its ambassadors is Darren Greenfield, currently the World’s Strongest Disabled Man and a LIMB-art fan.

LIMB-art has been selected as a finalist for Global Start-up of the Year by Wales Start-up Awards.

The event is due to take place on September 18at the Depot in Cardiff.