FURTHER details on plans for a solar energy farm in St Asaph have been released as a formal consultation gets underway.

Solarcentury, who is behind proposals for the Elwy solar energy farm, launched the consultation this August. It will run until Friday, October 9 and the Development of National Significance (DNS) application is due to be submitted in November.

Solarcentury said farmland, North of the A55 North Wales Expressway and West of the A525, has been identified following 'a detailed feasibility process'.

The project at the 117 hectare site would generate nearly 60 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power more than 20,000 homes.

Site suitability is dependent on: The results from analysis and surveys; conservation designations, ecology, landscape flood risk and habitat surveys; The land; its classification, topography, levels of solar energy that can be achieved, and a supportive landowner and local electricity grid connections.

Speaking about its benefits, a spokesperson from Solarcentury said: "A solar energy farm will generate clean, renewable electricity for future generation, and local energy production improve Wales' energy security.

"Elwy Solar will contribute millions of pounds in business rates to the local council over the life of the project.

"Where possible, we offer local jobs and supply contracts during the construction, operation and maintenance phase of the build."

Talking about wildlife, the spokesperson added: "As part of biodiversity enhancements, over 1.7km of hedgerow will be replaced and infilled; 17.4 hectares of species-rich tussocky grassland will be planted around the panels and 81.6 hectares of enhanced grazing pastures will be planted under the solar panels.

"In addition to this, there will be nine new ponds created as well as new habits and nesting boxes for birds, bats, dormice, amphibians and reptiles."

A community benefit fund will also be established.

Because of the size of the solar farm, and it being classed as a DNS, the application will be reviewed by the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff rather than Denbighshire.

If given the green light, it is proposed construction of the site takes place in 2022.

Visit www.solarcentury.com/elwy for further details and to submit views.

Readers can also view the online community hall through the above link.