A builder that already has planning permission for a controversial 73-home scheme in Abergele has applied to change a third of them and add eight more.

Anwyl lodged the application to make the changes at land off Llanfair Road, Abergele, on July 30 this year.

It would see 25 plots changed from the original plan, which was granted on June 27, 2019. The original application was deferred in April the same year.

When granted, permission included a list of 21 conditions ranging from biodiversity considerations to making sure works didn’t affect the nearby listed buildings.

There were a huge number of objections to the scheme because of fears nearby Lon Dirion would be used as a “rat run”.

However the new changes would see more affordable housing on the site while taking away some of the larger properties and increasing it up to 81 units.

Conwy county councillor Andrew Wood (Gele ward) objected to the original proposal on traffic grounds but said the new plans may be viewed as better.

He said: “It’s gone through planning once and it’s a minor modification.

“We do need to do a longer-term scheme for traffic in town whatever the planning committee does.

“If it’s giving starter housing, single housing and normal homes people can buy, to be honest it may be slightly better.”

Work started on the site in January this year and building is scheduled to take two years to complete.

The changes would see larger detached homes being substituted for more, smaller homes according to the application.

The new plans would see:

Five detached houses replaced with 10 semi-detached

Replacement of another four detached homes with three pairs semi-detached

It would also see two detached properties replaced with three mews homes

Three plots would be changed to different house types but no change in numbers

An increase in visitor parking to the site