A SCHEME keeping shielding residents over 65 fed during lockdown has been so successful it will continue to operate in Rhyl.

The Foryd Community Centre, on Princes Street, will extend their 'Meals on Wheels' service from Monday, August 17 to to supply subsidised, affordable meals to residents over 65 or with a disability who live in Rhyl.

The food bank - the largest in Rhyl - rapidly set up the service on March 20, days before the beginning of lockdown.

A spokesperson for the food bank said: "The service has been vital to those older residents who have been unable to go out during the last few months. Many would have attended Lunch Clubs or had carers or support workers to help prepare meals and collect their shopping and this service has been severely curtailed."

The food bank's clients - many of whom are disabled and struggle to prepare meals without assistance- receive five homemade main meals and desserts, with a 12,000 delivered during lockdown.

At the same time, the service's regular operation has provided more than 1,000 food parcels, and completed more than 800 shopping and prescription pick ups and delivered 200 food parcels to those self-isolating.

The spokesperson added; "Success for us is measured by the really brilliant feedback we have has from not only our service users but their families who live out of the area and who have been reassured that their loved ones were being looked after.

" We have more than 35 residents who have asked us to keep the service going and who have provided suggestions and menu ideas. We have also had huge support and appreciation from those who don't need the service after shielding officially ends in mid-August as they now feel able to venture out.

The meals cost £1.50 and desserts £1.00 , delivered ready for the freezer on a weekly basis. Customers can choose from a weekly menu and can have a many or as few meals per week as they choose.

For more information, contact the centre on 01745 339779.