AN AVID collector and repairer of traditional farm machinery wants to create a permanent display.

In recent years, Norman Frost has held several open days at his smallholding in Cae Hen, Llanfair Talhaiarn, near Abergele, but now he is seeking planning permission to establish a museum of rural life.

A skilled carpenter and blacksmith, he first restored a wooden horsedrawn cart many years ago and soon became “hooked”, admiring the engineering skills of the ancient craftsmen.

Mr Frost, 72, has since collected about 40 different horse-drawn vehicles and other implements, and, being a member of the Shire Horse Society, has taken many of them along with him to horse fairs and galas.

In addition to displaying the vehicles and utensils, it is proposed for the site to recreate workshops where blacksmiths, basketmakers, spinners and weavers, and others can demonstrate their traditional skills and even teach young people to continue the traditions.

In a statement supporting his planning application, his agent Berwyn Roberts says: “This building is about displaying and realising the lifetime ambition of Norman Frost.

“He has spent most of his life gathering this unique collection so that this period of our heritage is not forgotten by future generations, but realising that all items must be displayed using visual technology if it is to have any relevance for today’s visitors.

“It is intended to be an interactive experience for the visitors, not just a museum to simply observe a past age in the countryside.”

Describing the proposal as “unique”, Mr Roberts says: “Future generations need to understand and appreciate our heritage and way of life during both World Wars, as well as the hardship that followed.”

It is claimed that Cae Hen is well located for such a development, with good access from a public road though the lane would need to be widened to enable coaches to reach the site.

Under normal circumstances, the site usually hosts and open day in May on an annual basis, although this was not possible this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.