IN JUST seven days a Prestatyn man will cross the country in his wheelchair on a “humongous” 189 mile challenge.

On Monday, August 3, Nathan Penfold will set out from the ‘Welcome to Rhyl’ sign, near Lyon’s Robin Hood, on the the journey to his travelling companion Dean Charnley’s home town of Kings Langley in Hertfordshire.

The pair are aiming to complete two simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns on the journey, with Mr Penfold seeking to raise £2,000 for necrotising fasciitis the Lee Spark Foundation and Mr Charnley raising the same amount for the A&E department at Watford hospital.

“My uncle Jay Ogdon caught necrotising fasciitis, which is a flesh eating illness, from an insect bite in 2013. He sadly passed away in 2014 from the mental repercussions from the illness.

“My other uncle Tim contacted the charity and raise money about three years a go by taking part, so I wanted to the same and though what better way to raise money use my weakness a strength.”

Nathan, aged 32, has been a wheelchair user for about a year due to Dercum’s disease - a rare disorder characterised by multiple, painful growths of fatty tissue on the body.

Since being signed of work, Nathan runs YouTube channel and Facebook Group Wheelie Access, to help support people with disabilities by reviewing wheelchair accessibility throughout the UK

Nathan added: “I’d always wanted to do this since I’d got in the chair.

“My uncle Jay was my best friend, and while I spent 10 years trying to get the diagnosis for Dercum’s Disease he supported me and came with me to the appointments.

“So when Covid-19 started, because people began highlighting the impact on mental health, I thought I could raise awareness and funds. Kill two birds with one stone.

“The original idea was completely different. We wanted to do the distance from Lands End to John O’ Groats at Rhyl Marsh Tracks, but we were advised that that is too far.

“But it’s still extremely daunting, its a long long journey that is a lot to do straight away, It’s something we have been medically advised to build up too.

“I’ve been training in and around Prestatyn, using the beach front on early mornings to head into Rhyl town centre. I have also been using Victoria Road to cover long distances and finding hills to go up and down to get my arms used to the strain and stress this causes.”

Mr Charnley, 40, said: “We have arranged to do this over a seven day period so we can rest at night.

“We have organised via hotels who have offered us free accommodation per night while we attempt this.

“If it wasn’t for the continued support over past few weeks, I would never have had the confidence to even consider this.”

Due to the interest the pair have garnered from their challenge, both Nathan and Dean have been invited to Jacksonville, Florida by a disability equipment hire company to take part in an event after pandemic.

Donate to Nathan’s fundraiser at ‘Wheelchair journey 189 miles for Lee Spark NF’ page on And fo Dean’s cause, visit ‘Help the NHS’ page on