A group of councillors has written to a local authority’s bosses pleading for 30-minutes’ free parking in car parks from August to boost the local economy.

Denbighshire council has guaranteed free parking in most car parks until the end of July but the expectation is parking charges will be reinstated after that.

So Labour group leader Cllr Joan Butterfield has written to the authority’s chief executive Judith Greehalgh and leader Cllr Hugh Evans calling for 30-minutes grace for drivers who want to nip into local towns for provisions from August 1.

Cllr Butterfield’s letter on behalf of the group said recent proposals to remove free 30-minute parking in some towns, to facilitate new one-way systems, could make people “less likely to shop locally”.

In her letter she added: “Now the lockdown is coming to an end we need to ensure Denbighshire finds ways to revitalise our town centres.

“We are particularly concerned about those town centre businesses that provide services for our residents; butchers, greengrocers, newsagents, bakers and many others.

“They contribute to the vibrant atmosphere on high streets and make them attractive places to be.

“We need to support them at this time to ensure they can continue to serve their communities and make their contribution to get the economy moving again.

“We need our town centres to have a good range of shops for residents and visitors in order to stimulate the local economy and tourism as we begin to welcome visitors back to Denbighshire.

“We believe that offering an incentive of thirty minutes free parking in all town and city centre car parks will be good for businesses, residents and visitors.”

Denbighshire council’s lead member for transport Brian Jones said: “We did consider making parking free initially.

“However in discussions with all businesses at forum meetings that wasn’t one of the requests raised.

“We though go back to business as usual and once restrictions are lifted there will be considerable use of parking facilities.

“At this time there will be considerable free parking available should people wish to avail themselves of it.

“A lot of the shopping centres have their own car parks which are not in council control.

“They have their own time limits and charges which are outside of ours.”