“PLEASE enjoy the weather, but please do so responsibly”, says Wales’ health minister.

As warm weather is set to grace the region on the first weekend since travel restrictions have been eased, the Welsh Government’s health minister has expressed his “very real concerns” about people acting irresponsibly.

Taking the daily press conference for the Welsh Government was health minister Vaughan Gething, who was asked by the media about his concerns following scenes in England of packed beaches and beauty spots.

This weekend, July 11 & 12, marks the first time since lockdown began that the restrictions on travelling in Wales has been relaxed – with the 5-mile guidance and stay local slogan removed as of July 6.

With temperatures set to reach up to 18c in some parts of the region this weekend, the minister urged people taking advantage of the new freedoms with safety in mind.

He said: " Of course I have very real concerns that we may see scenes that happened in England and on a smaller level, here in Wales, repeated in larger numbers.

“People should take advantage of the extended household measures, but should not go further than that.”

The minister goes on to reference resurgent spikes of COVID-19 in parts of Israel and Australia following easements of lockdown needing to be put back in place as warning for those actions not needing to happen in Wales – assuming that people follow the guidance within the permitted measures.

The minister continues: "By all means, please enjoy the weather, but please do so responsibly and please play your part in helping all of us to keep Wales safe.”