TWO kind strangers who helped an 81-year-old mum after a fall in Prestatyn have come forward.

Last week, the Journal appealed for information after three good samaritans went to the rescue of Margaret Thomas who broke her collar bone and sustained nasty injuries to her face, knees and shoulder when she fell on steps near the seafront in Prestatyn on June 14.

Margaret and her family were keen to express their gratitude to the strangers - a gentleman and two individuals - who helped picked Margaret up before taking her home.

Nicola Donohue was one of the helpers.

She said: "I was out walking my dog with a friend when we came across Margaret who had fallen on the steps.

"There was another older gentleman with her and a dog, which turned out to be Margaret's dog.

"We helped her up and walked her back to her home.

"I offered to stay when she said she would ring her son, but my dog and her dog weren't getting along.

"I didn't realise her injuries were so bad at the time.

"I am sure we were just in the right place at the right time," she added.

"Anyone would have done the same."

Tony, 38, who asked that his last name not be published, also came to Margaret's aid.

"We were walking along when a gentleman called over for help," he said.

"I helped the lady get up to her feet and make sure she was ok, even though she was in distress," he said.

"I linked arms with the lady and walked her home as she was visibly upset and unsteady.

"We kept her talking all the way home.

"I did think to myself throughout the day how she was.

"It means a lot that she reached out to us but I'm very happy that she is doing well."

Margaret is currently recovering at home and is being supported by her daughter Jennie and son Graham.

Nicola has been to visit Margaret.

She added: "It was really good to see her. She is a lovely lady with a great family. 

"When the incident happened, at first, we weren't quite sure what happened. We just saw her sat on steps with the older man - he called us over.

"Tony helped her up and supported her all the way back to hers. He was the real hero that day. 

"I work in retail and have worked throughout this pandemic.

"I come in contact with people every day in work and if they need help they need help it's just what you do.

"Margaret's welfare was more important that day. I didn't give it a second thought."

Daughter Jennie described the fall as a 'terrible shock' for her mother.

"After being stuck in her house on her own since lockdown began, her daily walks were a great source of enjoyment for her," she said.

"She has a broken collar bone on her left hand side, scraped and bruised knees where she landed, her left hand side of her body and arm are very badly bruised, and where she hit her face on the floor she has a lump on her cheek bone, a large scrape and a bruised face.

"There wasn’t anyway in which she could have got herself up and back home without the good samaritans, she couldn’t call for help as she’d left her phone at home that day.

"They saved her from being stuck there, simple as that.

"She just wants them to know how very, very grateful she is to them and thank them profusely."