PLANS to build a new two-bedroom presbytery as well as a link extension to an existing church have been put forward.

Proposals, for a presbytery and link extension to Our Lady of the Assumption Church, also known as St Mary's Roman Catholic Church on Wellington Road, Rhyl, have been submitted to Denbighshire County Council by Parish Priest, Father Charles Ramsay.

The existing presbytery, located to the North-West of the church, is classed as too large.

The development includes a flat roof extension of the existing church which would link to the new presbytery.

A Design, Access and Planning Statement, by Cadnant Planning, says: "The existing presbytery being a two storey building and is totally oversized for occupation by one person, namely the parish priest, Father Charles Ramsay. Accordingly, portions of this dwelling are used by organisations and societies within St Mary’s Catholic Church.

"The development proposed is for a flat roofed extension to the existing church, linking to a new presbytery. The proposed link would form part of the existing church.

"The presbytery would introduce a new residential use on site; however, the residential dwelling would be directly connected with the church as it would house the parish priest, Father Charles.

"As stated previously, the existing presbytery on site is too large for single occupancy.

"The proposed presbytery would be much more manageable for the occupant."

The area of the proposed linked extension is 108.65 square metres.

The extension is set to be a single-storey in nature with a flat-roof and would link the Western corner of the church with the proposed presbytery.

It will comprise of two bedrooms with en-suites, a lounge, an open kitchen-dining area, a hallway, w/c, porch and stairs leading to loft storage space within the roof.

The statement added: "The proposed extension linking the presbytery to the church would provide an office area, disabled toilets and a general area with utilities for miscellaneous use in

connection with the church.

"As part of the proposal, the existing presbytery and associated vehicle access would be closed off from the remainder of the site and be put on the open market.

"The proposed presbytery would incorporate a high-pitched roof, which would reflect the high pitches of the roofs of the existing church.

"Additionally, the proposed flat-roofed extension would reflect the existing flat roofed areas of the existing church. This would ensure that the proposed development would appear harmonious in its setting, and directly correlate with the existing church."

The document concluded: "The development is minor in nature, and due to the location of development, it is considered that the proposal would be acceptable in principle.

"Due to the proposed design, siting and scale of development, it is not considered that the proposal would have any adverse impacts upon the residential amenity of neighbours, character of the surrounding area or highway."

The current church is fairly modern, dating back to the 1970’s.

There was a much earlier church sited on the land that has previously been demolished.