A COMMUNITY has come together to restore a duck pond for generations to enjoy.

Villagers at Trelogan have united throughout the coronavirus lockdown to restore and upgrade the previously worn-down duck pond.

Lisa Hughes told the Leader that dozens of people and local businesses have given their time and services for free to improve the community assert, from cutting down the trees and digging out the pond.

She said: “It all started two weeks before the lockdown. A group of women set up a group to help organising shopping and prescriptions and it was mentioned on there by Carol Cross and Martin Barker to restore the pond.

“We went there as a group and decided to crack on with it. The whole village has come to help out, even the local bin men will come and collect the rubbish.

“It’s been absolutely amazing. The work that’s been done, people have been doing it all for free, cutting back the trees and digging the pond, all done by local people who aren’t getting paid.

“We need more help to finish it off and populate it. I’ve lived there my whole life, many others have and I’ve never met them before, but I’ve made some really good friends.

“It’s been amazing.

"A special thank you to Shaun Nield MBE, Colin Baker, Martin Barker and Dave Redmond who like myself have been there at every stage and we’ve had full support from our community."

More information about the pond and how to help out can be found on the Trelogan Community Facebook Page.