POLITICIANS from Denbighshire and Conwy have been among those voting against weekly Covid-19 testing for frontline staff.

More than 300 MPs voted down Shadow Health Secretary John Ashworth’s 'Testing of NHS and Social Care Staff' amendment insuring an 'Opposition Day' on Wednesday, June 24.

Of the 335 MPs voting ‘No’ on the policy - which called for regular tests for asymptomatic health care workers - were Vale of Clywd MP Dr James Davies, Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes, Clwyd West MP David Jones and Aberconwy MP Robin Millar.

Dr Davies said: "Opposition Day Debates never make binding decisions – they are simply a means for the opposition to highlight an issue, usually by means of a lengthy and critical motion as was the case yesterday.

"Unfortunately, they are usually little more than political stunts. The government puts up an amendment to the motion, which usually passes unanimously - without a vote - when the opposition motion is voted down."

While Dr Davies voted against the amendment, he does "support ramping up regular repeated testing for those who will benefit from it" and spoke in favour of ongoing testing during a Health and Social Care Committee on Tuesday 23.

While asymptomatic transmission was dubbed in late May by the New England Journal of Medicine the "Achilles Heel" of current strategies to contain Covid-19 worldwide, current Government Policy is for regular testing of asymptomatic staff following an outbreak.

In Wales, where testing is a devolved issue, weekly testing of asymptomatic staff is not currently being enacted.

Dr Davies added: "The NHS continues to prioritise testing of all NHS staff with symptoms, carries out regular testing of asymptomatic staff in situations where there is an incident or outbreak, and regular surveillance testing across all staff. The Government is continually reviewing clinical evidence to ensure regular testing of staff without symptoms is undertaken where appropriate."

Clwyd West MP Mr Jones agreed:"Everyone sensible supports the testing of NHS staff. Indeed, there is already a staff testing policy carried out according to the advice of the Chief Medical Officer. All Conservative MPs support it.

"It is worth noting that Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, said when he opened the debate that Labour were calling for weekly testing of NHS staff, “if necessary”.

"But that is precisely the position that prevails today. If testing is necessary, it will be carried out."

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes has been approached for comment.