A KIND-HEARTED mystery Meliden resident has been getting villagers to help handmade teddies find new homes.

Resident Danielle Parry and her son Reuben, aged two, were among those happening upon a one of two mysterious gift packages, bearing the message “This teddy needs a good home”, left on park benches in the village on Sunday, June 14.

An agency nurse who formerly worked at Glan Clwyd Hospital with Nurse Rizal Manalo, who died of Covid-19, Ms Parry has named the bear ‘Zaldy’ in honour of her friend’s nickname.

Ms Parry said: “There were two gift bags - one on each bench - we hoped another child would find the other bear so we left it there. The person who made these bears has obviously done so before as they were beautifully made with attention to detail. This bear has been with my son every day and night since as he has grown fond of this bear. It is such a kind gesture and it really has touched me how someone wanted to do this anonymously and not ask for anything in return.

“I have posted on Facebook in hope someone will come forward so they can see the joy it’s bought to my son and give this person the recognition they most definitely deserve.”

“We haven’t since seen any more around Meliden maybe this person is working on some more and will see them again in time.”