SUNNY skies and heatwave conditions are on the way to Wales, according to the Met Office.

Following a week of thunderstorms and heavy rain, the North Wales region is set to turn hot through the week as temperatures reach close to 30 Celsius in some places.

Dan Suri, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Temperatures will continue to climb through the week with a hot spell developing across much of England and Wales.

“From Wednesday, temperatures will widely reach into the high twenties Celsius and it’ll be hot across much of the UK, especially central and southern England where we could see highs of 30 to 34 Celsius.

“This hot weather is expected to last until at least Friday and so heatwave conditions are likely to develop for some areas this week.

He warns that, along with the sweltering days will come some warm nights this week as temperatures overnight are set to remain in the mid-high teens across England and Wales.

Commenting on the reasons behind the hot spell, Dan added: “We quite often see warm, southerly air from the continent bringing these high temperatures to the UK in summer, however this week, the air across the UK has arrived from the Atlantic.

“This Atlantic air will descend and warm up as it moves across the UK and this in combination with clear skies and strong late-June sunshine, we’re seeing temperatures rise.”

The Met Office adds that whatever the weather, the public are all being urged to remember the Government’s coronavirus guidelines.

In Wales, the latest changes to the COVID-19 advice came into effect today (June 22) that saw non-essential shops across the country permitted to re-open their doors as well as other easements.

The requirement to stay local and not generally travelling more than five miles from home remains in place – as does social distancing of at least two metres.