NON-essential shops in Wales are expected to be told they can open again from Monday.

Tomorrow (June 19), First Minister Mark Drakeford is due to make an announcement on the Welsh regulations review in the daily Welsh Government news conference in Cardiff.

It is expected that he will say non-essential retailers will be allowed to open from Monday morning as the latest easing of lockdown restrictions.

Shops in England, including nearby Chester, have been open this week.

Businesses in Wales were told three weeks ago to prepare for reopening.

Any businesses in Wales opening on Monday are likely be told to make sure two-metre social distancing measures are in place.

The First Minister is also expected to make a statement about reviewing the requirement to stay local in Wales.

Today, Health Minister Vaghan Gething said the priority was to "keep Wales safe"

He said: “Some people want lockdown to end sooner rather than later, they are worried about their businesses and economic livelihoods and others are concerned that we might come out of lockdown too quickly and what that means for health outcomes and the real harm the COVID could still cause.

“This is the balance we need to strike within the Government. We need to make choices that do not that a cavalier approach here in Wales, a properly cautious approach that balances the needs of the economy and public health but recognises that if we came out of lockdown too quickly then we could well see a much further and deeper lockdown that would do future damage to the economy.”