DESPITE the lockdown, "cars packing" into Prestatyn have become a nuisance for a beach side business.

Staff of The Beaches Hotel, on Barkby Beach have been forced to speak out as cars continue to park on their property, undeterred by the closure of the site's car park.

Littering and damage to the hotel site comes following Denbighshire county councillor Paul Penlington calls for action against "hordes" of visitors - believed to be from outside the area - to Central and Barkby beaches earlier this month.

In a statement posted on social media, a spokesperson for Beaches wrote: "I am really saddened to be writing this but unfortunately we feel that it is necessary. We have seen over the last few weeks many cars parking on our grass at the front in the car park as our car park is currently closed.

"This really is not acceptable as it is ruining our grass. We are doing our best to ensure that our hotel is looking at its best for when we reopen and we get to welcome you all after such a long period of time away however, this is not helping.

"We have noted that the majority of cars do not appear local - or at least, are not regular customers of the hotel - and we would appreciate if this stops now.

"I have personally been there today and have had to pick up Mcdonalds litter from the front of the hotel, which in itself, is totally wrong.

"We really do miss you all and cannot wait to be open again, but in the meantime, please respect our lovely hotel and grounds so that you can appreciate them fully when we are open again."

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "North Wales Police are aware of vehicles that have been parking on double yellow lines at The Beaches Hotel in Prestatyn, and causing an obstruction. We are asking for motorists to adhere to the parking restrictions at the location and to be respectful of local residents.

"Police will make contact and work with Denbighshire County Council Parking Enforcement and deal with any offending vehicles."