FOR fledgling Rhyl artist Bel Florence, the doldrums of lock down have provided some fertile ground to share her voice with the world.

The singer songwriter - and Prestatyn High pupil aged 18 - is sharing an message of post pandemic hope in her debut EP Get Well Soon.

Florence said:“I’ve definitely incorporated some of the emotions caused by lockdown in my music.

“I started working on it towards the end of last year but found myself with more time to work on music because of the lockdown.

“The song And Get Well Soon was written especially as a song of hope for people experiencing difficult emotions, especially during this time.”

Armed with a ukulele and layered harmonies, the title track ‘s earnest message of a post-pandemic world opens the six track release with a sophisticated song structure - at times reminiscent of the Fab Four circa the Abbey Road era - as well as surprisingly mature mastery of her vocal range.

However, despite the soothing tone and topical nature of And Get Well Soon, the 14 minute EP present a variety of textures and themes, with a definite appeal for fans of anyone from Jade Bird to Lorde.

Opener Feel Something and closing track When I Saw You Were Purple bookend the EP with songs with a more universal resonance, despite the former focusing on the need to get out of town.

In particular, the driving, 49 second second track Overshare - perhaps the best display of Florence’s impressive lyrical capability - offers a glimpse into the mind of a teen with pre-pandemic concerns.

Bel Florence’s debut EP Get Well Soon is available on streaming sites including Apple and Spotify.