A MUM has shared her experience on what it is like giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic.

The mum, only known as Lucy, had baby boy Arlo at Glan Clwyd Hospital on Tuesday, May 19 at 2.47am.

Although admitting her birth didn't go 'exactly as planned', she praised midwife Manon saying she made 'every attempt' to help her settle and feel at ease, despite having to be wear full Protective Personal Equipment (PPE).

Lucy said: "I wanted to give an honest account of what it is like to give birth in the middle of a pandemic to try and give other mothers, particularly first time mummies like me, an insight into the experience.

"I ended up being induced as my waters had broken but my labour hadn’t progressed within 24-hours.

"Unfortunately this meant that I was no longer able to use the midwife led unit and honestly, I was gutted about this.

"I hadn’t seen either unit as being in lockdown put a halt to our plans to visit beforehand but I will admit, my heart dropped a little when we went over to the room as it seemed to be quite medical and not as relaxed as how I had imagined it to be."

Lucy praised midwife Manon for helping her 'settle'.

"Yes she was gowned up, wearing a mask, but it didn’t stop me being able to tell that she really did care about me and my treatment," Lucy said.

"My labour progressed really quickly and unfortunately my little boy had to be delivered rather quickly in the end as his cord was around his neck.

"This meant the whole room rushed with staff and if I wasn’t terrified before, I definitely was then.

"Manon looked after me so well and I couldn’t have asked for a better midwife to have been supporting me.

"She knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it and I am forever grateful for her support.

"I'm also thankful for all the staff that I came across that night as they brought my baby boy safely into the world.

"Giving birth was hugely terrifying for me and more so in the middle of a pandemic, but I can say with 100 per cent certainty that all the staff I came across during my stay only had my best interests at heart," Lucy added.

"They are working so hard to continue providing care and support during this national crisis.

"Thank you Glan Clwyd hospital. Thank you NHS."

Anyone with concerns relating to their antenatal appointments are urged to telephone their community midwife.

Visit bcuhb.nhs.wales/health-information-advice/covid-19-patient-advice/services-info/maternity for further advice, including information on scans and visitors.