DENBIGHSHIRE and Conwy residents are being reminded to resist the temptation to burn household waste.

During the pandemic, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are once again making the plea to preserve resources and limit the amount of harmful smoke which could irritate airways and exacerbate respiratory diseases alongside Covid-19.

Crews from have been called repeatedly to multiple small fires in the open, including incidents in Dyserth on Tuesday, May 26 and in Llanfairtalhairain on Wednesday 27.

Tim Owen, Arson Reduction Manager, explains:“We are urging the public to avoid being tempted to burn garden or household waste in these unprecedented times - what may have been intended to be just a small fire, or just a bit of fun, can quickly spread to become out of control.

“Smoke from such fires can cause breathing problems and worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma, adding to the risks caused by Covid-19.

"Please take responsibility for your actions – don’t fuel the fire. We are asking you to help us to reduce demand during this time.”