AN Ysgol Glan Clwyd pupil’s colourful handy work has been given pride of place in the homes of families across the UK.

Days after she celebrated her 14th birthday earlier this month, ITV showcased a colourful watercolour made by Meliden teen Elin Barlow as part of its ‘ITV Kids Create’ competition.

The project encouraged children across the country to use their time during lock down to pick up pens, pencils and paints to brighten up a template of the channel's logo to be used during ad breaks.

Keith Barlow, Elin's father said: "We got a text to say its going to be on TV that day so I put everything on record for the whole day so we didn’t miss it

"When I told Elin she was very surprised and had a very big smile

"Then when I heard it had been on the TV I got Elin and we went down to the TV and after a few minutes of searching the recordings we found it.

"It was absolutely amazing to see her design on the TV and when I looked at her she was beaming.

"Elin was a little bit stuck for words to be honest but she loved seeing her design on the TV and was overwhelmed with the comments we received from family and friends who saw it."


A "very creative girl" Elin has in the past has entered events including the Prestatyn Flower Show and the Urdd Eisteddfod, and has been using her time during lockdown to make birthday cards and bake.

Mr Barlow added: "Elin takes pride in everything she puts herself into.

"Whether it’s her painting, baking or listening to her play the piano or guitar we just love what she does

"She isn’t letting the lockdown stop her either, we have rainbows everywhere including several pebbles outside.

"We are most proud of her attitude during the lockdown. She is on top of he school work and always busy making things for other people."