A LONG-awaited pub earmarked for a 117-year-old building could be on hold for at least two years.

JD Wetherspoon had agreed terms to open a pub at the former Council Chamber on Nant Hall Road, Prestatyn.

The process is now expected to be delayed for two years; Due to Covid-19, JD Wetherspoon has put all new pub openings on hold and they are not expected to start until 2022, with about five a year from then.

Eddie Gershon, spokesman for J D Wetherspoon, said: “We can confirm that Wetherspoon has agreed terms on this site [in Prestatyn] and it is with the solicitors.

“Wetherspoon has not yet exchanged on the purchase of the property.

“It would be fair to say that Wetherspoon is keen for the deal to happen and to open a pub in the town.

“At present all pub developments are on hold.”

Talk has been rife in the town for some years that JD Wetherspoon have wanted to open a pub in Prestatyn.

Cllr Anton Sampson, of Prestatyn East ward, said: “I’m hopeful that their enthusiasm for opening up here will remain.

“As I’ve said many times before, Prestatyn is increasingly becoming a destination town and the amount of visitors is increasing.

"Wetherspoon are offering accommodation which is my main reason for my supporting the chain.

"I shall be doing my best to make sure the old council building is kept looking in a decent state of repair until this development starts.”

The chairman of Community development and regeneration did voice some concern when it came to ensuring existing businesses are 'fully supported'.

"We have to ensure a proper sensible plan is in place to make sure that our recovery is as painless as possible," cllr Sampson said.

Cllr Tony Flynn, mayor of Prestatyn and Meliden, said: “I have not had any official notification of the Wetherspoon decision to delay its purchase.

“Under the current circumstances, it would have been unusual if their commercial team had not done it’s due diligence assessments during 2021 to assure themselves Prestatyn had recovered sufficiently to move to the next stage of obtaining planning permission and then purchase before committing themselves to redevelop the former council chambers into a hotel, including a catering and beverage offering.

“During the last two years Prestatyn has become a hot spot destination with record enquiries and sales in retail and housing.

“With forecasts for record number of families to holiday in the UK rather than abroad the climate for investment is strong. Prestatyn was recently featured on national television stating it was bucking the trend, especially its High Street.

“I would fully expect our town to recover faster than others.

“This is a large investment close to £5m so we know how important JD Wetherspoon need to reassure themselves before they commit themselves."