THE RECENT rise in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in North Wales compared to the rest of Wales is a "huge concern", Plaid Cymru's North Wales Assembly Member has said.

Llyr Gruffydd says the UK Government is taking a "London-centric view" in dealing with the virus as the capital appears have hit the peak.

It comes as 70 of the 133 newly confirmed Covid-19 cases were in North Wales.

Mr Gruffydd said: "The rise in the proportion of confirmed cases in the North compared to the rest of Wales is a matter of huge concern.

"It reinforces the point Plaid Cymru has been making for the past week that, in contrast to areas around Cardiff and Newport, the North has yet to hit a peak.

"It's vitally important that this key message informs the political decisions being made in Cardiff.

"It seems the UK Government is taking a London-centric view and because the peak arrived earlier there than elsewhere in the UK is relaxing the lockdown too soon. We must avoid making the same mistake in Wales."

Mr Gruffydd said research shows the virus is still spreading rapidly in North Wales, and that could mean an additional 2240 deaths over the next three months in the north alone.

He added: "Lifting or easing the lockdown too quickly will mean the virus re-igniting in our communities. The danger that poses when we already have an over-stretched and under-staffed health board does not bear thinking about."