A NEWLY minted centenarian living in Rhyl has been given two birthdays - just like the Queen!

After an entire century celebrating her birthday on April 20, Hazel Jones has just discovered that she was, in fact, born on April 23, 1920.

Staff at Richmond House Specialist Care Home, on Brighton Road, made discovery while applying for a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of resident Hazel Jones.

Rhyl Journal:

Hazel Jones was born, in fact, on April 23, 1920

After making the discovery, a birthday party had been organised for the actual date. Unfortunately, due to the lock down the get together was was cancelled, but staff made sure Hazel celebrated regardless on both days.

A spokesperson at the care home said: "For years used the date of birth as April 20 which the family have always celebrated on that date. It was only when we asked the family to find the birth certificate to apply for the Queens telegram that it was established her real birthday being the 23rd not 20th.

"To this day the family do not know why."

Hazel married farming contractor Glynne Tapley in 1937, who went on to found the Jones Baler Company of Rhosesmor, Mold, during the Second World War, before creating The North Wales Shooting School in Sealand, Flintshire.

Hazel brought up their four children and was also involved in the family businesses - as well as brother-in-law David - throughout her life.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, Hazel has lived in Rhyl since 2016.

The spokesperson added: "She remains happy, healthy and is still going strong. Hazel certainly does not look 100 years old and has a complexion to make all Women envious!"

Rhyl Journal:

Hazel received two birthdays from staff at the home

Hazel received her Telegram from the Queen and also managed a video call to Sir Jackie Stewart, a close family friend for over 65 years, and whom Hazel still recognises.