FOR some Denbighshire residents, lock down has been even more difficult.

Bodelwyddan villagers remain trapped inside, unable to "open a window" on certain days most weeks when dry pet treats are being manufactured The Real Petfood Company (TRPC).

Despite a new chimney being erected at the site, which has exmpt status to carry on production during lockdown, a concerned resident told the Journal that the factory "still stinks regularly"..

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous said: "We live practically opposite the factory and I’m facing isolation with my two children without fresh air.

"The chimney hasn’t worked it still stinks regularly - isolation is hard enough without the smell."

Another resident said: "We do have vulnerable adults in and around the village that would love to be able to get out but can't. Its lonely enough already for them.

"The smell can be so strong at times you cannot sit out or even open a window. I feel so sorry for the vulnerable, including my husband who comes into that category, with this on top of Covid-19 and lock down in place."

As the row between residents and the firm approaches its third summer, complaints continue to be made to Denbighshire County Council.

A spokesperson for IPN Kinmel Park, home of TRPC, acknowledged the complaints and promised a solution is on its way - after lock down ends.

The spokesperson said: “We do appreciate the difficulties for families during the current lockdown and, in certain weather conditions, some odours are still apparent.

"It is worth noting that we had originally sought permission for a 40 metre chimney but were subsequently only granted permission for a 35 metre structure.

“The business is fully committed to finding a permanent solution and is confident that – following discussions with the council – we can soon move forward with installing the latest cold plasma injection technology for additional odour abatement.

"As soon as movement restrictions caused by the Coronavirus are lifted, the engineering firms can continue to press ahead as fast as possible,” added the spokesperson.

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “The Council has been in regular contact with The Real Petfood Company.

“Following discussions last week the Council has been advised The Real Petfood Company is about to place an order for the equipment.

“Once installed the council will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the abatement plant and the company will need to demonstrate regular monitoring of emissions."

This, however has failed to satisfy some of the villagers.

One resident said: "Obviously Coronavirus is a perfect excuse. Maybe they could at least compromise and just produce wet food - which doesn't stink - whilst everyone is stuck at home then?"