SALON owners from across the Rhyl Journal patch have been sharing their tips on how to keep hair looking healthy during lockdown.

We’ve had a huge response to our appeal asking for those in the industry to come forward and share their advice.

Shan Owen, who owns Fusion II in Abergele, believes this is a good time for people to give their blow drying techniques a go.

“Ditch the straighteners, it is time to invest in healthy hair, good diet , good products, good tools and time,” she said.

“We have lots of people wonder why they can’t achieve salon looking hair at home and no time is the answer. Now we have time.”

She recommended investing in good shampoo and conditioner, a hairdryer with a nozzle, a good brush and a section clip.

Crissi Wren has worked as a stylist for 12 years. She works at Goldilocks on Bodfor Street in Rhyl.

She said: “I have been advising my clients to make good use of all this time and quite literally - do nothing.

“Give your hair a well earned break from heat and colour - let your hair air dry and embrace it.

“Also, get out of the habit of washing hair daily. It is best not to.”

Crissi offered the following tips:

Shampoo your hair with a shampoo aimed at your hair type. Always shampoo twice as this ensures the hair and scalp is clean and product build up is removed.

Do not rub the hair dry. Hair is most fragile when wet. Squeeze excess water - hair will be less tangled this way too.

For shiny hair, use a nozzle. This helps direct the flow of air from the dryer, closing the cuticles. Point the nozzle in the direction you want the hair to lie, and for extra root lift, blow dry hair in the opposite direction to give it a bouncier finish.

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, who runs Morgan’s Hair, Beauty and Wigs in Prestatyn, is also stressing to clients not to shampoo their hair every day.

“You are literally washing your hair away,” she added.

“Ive seen it so many times in my hair loss clinic. Ladies that have washed their hair every day are very much prone to thinning hair and adverse hair loss as they get older, from their 40’s.

“The maximum you should wash your wig is three times.

“Shampoo twice, conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to finish while your hair is wet."

Kelly Rowlands, who has been a hairdresser for 27 years and has been running a salon at home for the past seven years, advised readers not to use home hair colours.

She added: "Home hair colours often make it very difficult for corrections in the salon. If it goes wrong remember, we are not open to correct it for you.

"Be brave and show your true colours.

"Box dyes and home hair colourants are often made differently to the professional colours we use in the salon.

"We are also not familiar with the numbering systems they use and how these hair colours work in the hair, and indeed sit on or in the hair shaft."

Rhyl Journal:

Blobar nw

Terri Hill owns Blobar NW in Prestatyn.

Terri is recommending readers use plenty of hair masks and treatment during this time.

"For a more natural or cheaper alternative, coconut oil works a treat," she said.

"It's the perfect time to scrap any heat on your hair and let it dry naturally.

"If people are worrying about blonde highlights turning brassy, silver shampoos are brilliant."

Rhyl Journal:

2Ks Barbers Towyn

Amanda Gray owns 2Ks Barbers in Towyn. Amanda has been a hairdresser and barber for more than 17 years.

Amanda has suggested mixing up a homemade hair mask.

"Egg yolk and olive oil are both high in fat making them natural moisturisers," she said.

"In addition, the protein in egg yolk helps to strengthen your hair.

"Make your own hair mask with egg yolk and olive oil for an all-natural way to moisturise and condition dry, brittle strands.

"Massage the mixture evenly into dry hair and leave on for at least 30mins."