THERE may be a lot of uncertainty in the world but this hasn’t stopped a care home injecting happiness into the lives of residents while they stay indoors.

A daughter of one of the carer's at St David’s Residential Home, on East Parade in Rhyl, has been drawing rainbows for residents and writing letters.

The girl, known as Llio, normally comes into St David's to help cheer up residents.

At the moment she is at home but still spreading smiles with her letters, and residents are writing back to her.

Rhyl Journal:

Deputy manager Alwen Sayer asked ladies what messages they would like to send to their families. She wrote these on large pieces of card and they were messaged to loved ones

Flowers also arrived at the care home from Flower Tops with a message thanking all carers.

Ruth Waltho, home manager, said: "The flowers are looking lovely in our dining room.

"They are a reminder that we are all working hard to look after our vulnerable residents and that people in the community appreciate what we do and how challenging our job is at the moment. We have also had lovely phone calls with support from our relatives families."

For Mother's Day, deputy manager Alwen Sayers asked ladies in the home what messages they would like to send to their families.

Rhyl Journal:

She then wrote these on large pieces of cards and they were sent to loved ones.

One read: "Thank you so much. We’re all in tears. Really needed this. Came to drop things off yesterday and really wanted to see mum but couldn’t. This means so much thank you."

Another said: "Thank you so much for doing that, it means a lot.

Rhyl Journal:

Lucy, Dot, Bessie and Marjorie with activities helper Emma doing some Easter crafts

"We know how hard you are all working so don’t forget to look after yourselves."

Ruth added: "Alwen and I were so touched by this response and others like it.

"We would like to thank our amazing staff who continue to keep all our residents safe in these difficult times."

Rhyl Journal:

Llio, a carer’s daughter, normally comes in to St David’s and helps her mum and cheers up the residents

"Also to the Sun Verge and The Beaches for donating vital supplies, to our families who have also donated and organised food.

"We are so grateful."