Church services across NorthWales are being streamed online to congregations in their own homes.

Reverend Kate Johnson Pastor of St Michael’s Church, Abergele, explains how churches have been embracing technology and getting creative in a bid to navigate restrictions introduced to reduce the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS.

St Michael's is part of The Aled Mission Area.

It runs along the coast from Pensarn, Abergele to Rhos-on-Sea, and south into the country to Llansannan and Llangernyw.

It includes 19 churches and forms part of the Church in Wales Diocese of St Asaph.

They include St Cynbryds, Llanddulas; St Johns, Old Colwyn; St Cynfaen, Llanfaen; ChristChurch, Bryn y Maen; St Michael, Abergele; St Pauls, Colwyn Bay; Dewi Sant, Pensarn; Dewi Sant, Colwyn Bay; St George, St George; St Trillo, Rhos on Sea; St Marys, Llanfair TH; St George, Rhos on Sea; St Sannan, Llansannan; St Elian, Llanelian; St Digain, Llangernyw; St Michael, Betws yn Rhos.

"Churches have had to rethink how to be church since the restrictions for public gatherings has been enforced," said Rev Johnson.

"Baptisms, weddings, funerals, gathering for worship – ceased. Cancelling services has been heart breaking and to inform grieving families that only 5 people can come to the funeral but not in church, requires resilience coupled with compassion.

"It is a challenge to love your God with all your heart and mind and to love one another with imposed social distancing. But, we believe that we have a God –given ability to think “outside the box” enabling creative planning and action for this traumatic and anxious time.

"We will now plan to communicate with our congregations and colleagues via social media, phone calls and emails. We are working at translating what we do in church for what we can do at home.

"There have been telephone trees established, online worship services and daily discussions and updates from the Bishops of the Church in Wales.

"You can be assured that prayers are going up 24/7 for keyworkers, our NHS staff and medics across the world, those who are called to enforce lockdown, and the leaders of the world.

"We also pray for those who are vulnerable and isolated and those who don’t think this is serious. We also want to voice our concern for people who rely on foodbanks, foodshare and shelter schemes which are now closed, as well as for those who do not have the capacity to ask for help because their trusted support systems have been stopped

"This event is an equalizer in that we all have to do our part to combat the spread of this deadly virus. And we want people to know that God is not a being hanging around doing nothing up in heaven. God is in the midst of this chaos. God cares for those who are hurting and angry, frustrated and sad. God cares for all of us.

"We invite people to look at the Facebook pages and websites of our churches. There are resources and things to do at home and especially for Holy Week and Easter. Let’s be a light, a neighbour as we offer hope to each other in the challenge of alternative social outreach and care."