A BAG of used tissues and other flytipped waste continues to build up in Rhyl despite the lockdown.

As charity shops remain shutdown North Wales Police have been called to flytipping incidents in the town.

Among the most shocking items of flytipped waste, is a split bag of used tissues or wipes on John Street.

Rhyl Journal:

Flytipping remains a problem in Rhyl during lockdown. Picture: Facebook/ NWP Denbighshire Coastal and Abergele

A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Some selfish git has dumped a rubbish bag by the communications junction box and the seagulls have had their way with it and revealed loads of soiled tissues.

"These could have been used for clearing of someone's nose and no doubt their throat, coughed into - disgusting.

“The depravity and selfishness of some people still astounds me, children play in this area right opposite a park."

"I have to live in this street amongst other rent paying residents who are trying to keep this street clean and fairly respectable."

In addition to potentially harmful waste, residents are being urged to be conservative with spring cleans while at home.

Some categories of waste are currently not being collected following Denbighshire County Council's suspension of 'bulky' and garden waste collections on Monday, March 23. Food, black and blue bin collections are going on as normal.

A spokesperson for the council said: "All scheduled cleansing and sweeping works are to cease in order for priority to be given to the cleansing of town centre areas and main routes. Normal functions in these areas will continue such as the emptying of litter bins and general litter picking.

"Fly tipping requests will be assessed individually and work carried out only if resources are available and it is deemed necessary."

"All priority areas will be regularly inspected and any necessary work will be carried out on a daily basis."

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "Whilst on patrol we have been alerted to areas in Rhyl where people have been fly tipping.

"With recycling centres and charity shops closed please show your respect to our environment and ask yourself is it essential that I have a clear out of old clothes and other items right now?"

To report an incident of flytipping, visit denbighshire.gov.uk.