FOUR occupants of a car in North Wales were reminded that police are taking social distancing seriously.

The Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed Policing unit, assisted by North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit, stopped a car in Old Colwyn with four young men inside who were returning from a party.

The vehicle was seized and the driver was arrested for driving while disqualified. The other occupants were split up after receiving a warning about social distancing.

Police warned that a car with multiple occupants will attract their attention while everyone is asked to adhere to social distancing rules.

The Armed Policing unit tweeted: "How to attract attention: Driving a car, 4 young males on board returning from a party in Colwyn Bay.

The Roads Policing Unit added: "Vehicle carrying four people and driver did not have licence or insurance. Vehicle seized.

"Please remember Social Distancing rules!! Group were split up and we made sure they went in different directions!"